Mag. Wolfgang Ainetter, 11. November 2011
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Subject Re: Nigerian Minister Bought A 20 Million Euros Villa in Vienna, Austria.

The attention of the National Association of Nigerian Community Austria (NANCA) has been drawn to a publication titled "Ministerin aus Hungerland Kauft sich 20-Millionen-Villa in Wien" published by your newspaper in page 11 of the Monday, 7th of November 2011 edition.
Therein, the short-pieced article reported that, the Nigerian Minister of Petroleum Resources – Dr. Dieziani Allison-Madueke bought a Villa worth 20 million Euros in Vienna, Austria.

While the National Association of Nigerian Community Austria (NANCA) places much trust and confidence in good investigative journalism/reporting and also respect the virtues of the news and mass media community in Austria and other parts of the world, the Nigerian Community in Austria, Nigerians in the Diaspora and the entire Nigerian population back home have come to believe that this piece of article was written in a rush and dash without proper investigation and at same time using words which are termed derogatory to Nigeria as a country and illustrious Nigerians worldwide.

On the one hand, the article mentioned that Nigeria is a "Hungerland" (hungry land); a hasty generalization term which the entire Nigerian Community worldwide find derogatory, since Nigeria is not a hungry land and its land and people are blessed with food crops and abundant natural resources with which Nigerians have been voted twice the "happiest people on earth".

On the other hand, the published article (in a bid to impress its readers) based its facts on unconfirmed Nigerian media reports. Consequently, and in relation to the alleged "villa", the article did not mention the exact location/district where the villa is located (Der genaue Standort der Luxusbleibe ist zwar geheim) meaning that the entire report was hinged on mere speculations.

In this light, we challenge and urge your newspaper corporation to first, retract the statement that Nigeria is a Hungarland (hungry land) with an apology letter (which should be published in your newspaper) to the entire Nigerian Community in Austria and Nigerians all over world. Secondly, we employ your newspaper corporation to provide and furnish the entire Austrian public and the Nigerian Community in Austria (who trust the virtues of your investigative journalism) solid evidences which should give detailed facts like: in which Viennese District is the said 20 million euros villa located; in whose name was the villa bought; which bank financed the transaction(s) and which real-estate firm finalized the deal.

NANCA on behalf of the entire Nigerian Community in Austria, trust your valued judgment in addressing the issues mentioned herein and at same time thank you for your relentless efforts in news reporting and investigative journalism.

Yours truly,
Jesse Ojobor
Public Relations Officer- NANCA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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