THE  President of national association of  Nigerian community in Austria(NANCA), Mr. Dominic Aghaizu has called on all Nigerians outside the country to emulate the political philosophy of the United states of America  President-elect, Senator Barack Obama.
Mr. Aghaizu made the call in Vienna, the administrative headquarters of Austria, while commenting on  the landslide victory of Senator Obama under the platform of democratic party in the recently concluded American elections.
The ability of Nigerians to emulate the visions, dedication, and perseverance attributes of Sen. Obama, the President said, would go a long way in actualising the set aims and aspirations in all their endeavours.
While describing the success of Sen. Obama as unprecedented  in the political history of America and other developed parts of the world, the NANCA’s  president said that the victory of the president-elect would enhance the hopes of the minority citizens of America. ‘This moment we are going to witness in history as long as history will be written’, he added.
Furthermore, Mr. Aghaizu said that the Afro-American  president-elect has not only succeeded in making the yesteryear tall dreams of the late Martin Luther King Jnr a reality but also as a symbol of  hope and option  of peace and prosperity for the whole world.
In view of the outcome of the great efforts of Sen. Obama which rested on  the slogan ‘Yes, we can’, The leader of Nigerian community in Austria enjoined Nigerians  to extend such efforts to the national association of Nigerian community in Austria in order to ensure a more formidable and well focused association. He  also stressed the need for Nigerians to be more committed to  association so that it will  at no time relent in its efforts at making the general welfare of  Nigerians in Austria a reality.
Since Sen. Obama’s electoral victory  has rekindled hopes  and confidence of the hitherto less privilege  people all over world,  Mr. Aghaizu  stated that it becomes a challenge on the part of national association of Nigerian community in Austria to fortify these given hopes and confidence among Nigerians for a better future for Nigeria.
The NANCA’s  president  on behalf of all Nigerians in Austria congratulated  the president-elect, and wish him eternal adequate God’s guidance and protection.
                                   ……by  Osaro Osayi
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