October 23, 2009, will remain a negative indelible date and day in the memories of Nigerians in Austria. It was the day the pointblacknews.com published on its website that His Excellency, Dr. Jerry Ugokwe, the Ambassador of Nigeria to Austria and Slovakia has been recalled to Nigeria. This development the pointblacknews added, was not unconnected with the Envoy's agitation for his party's (PDP) ticket for Anambra State governorship election scheduled for early 2010, when he still a serving Ambassador.

After this publication, rumours started spreading like wind. In some quarters it was rumoured that he(Ambassador) was detained in Nigeria and awaiting a special security escort to take him to Vienna to sign out of his position as the Nigerian Ambassador to Austria.

Despite this ugly development, Nigerian Community in Austria was very steadfast at ascertaining the veracity of the publication and the attendant rumours till the arrival of Ambassador Dr. Jerry Ugokwe from Nigeria.

This untiring efforts of Nigerian community was rewarded when the 'The hard truth' was discovered. This was at variant with the publication in the website and the accompanied untold rumours. The singular truth is that the Nigeria's Honourable Minister for external affairs, Chief Ojo Maduekwe has patented this unappetising scenario.

Also months ago, it was one of the headlines in the Nigeria print and electronic media, that the now former Nigerian Ambassador to the United States of America Brigadier General Christopher Oluwale Rotami (rtd) was recalled by same honourable minister.

It was however viewed in many quarters as a tribally motivated decision by the honourable minister. But with this recent development, one may be left without option, but to doubt the sincerity of purpose and guidelines in the upper echelon of the Nigeria's external affairs ministry Abuja.

With all sincerity, Dr. Jerry Ugokwe has won the hearts of most Nigerians in Austria since assumption of office in Vienna over a year ago. His Diaspora experience has helped in no small measure to imbibe national consciousness in Nigerians in Austria. He has maintained that the Austrian government be fair enough to reconsider the fate Nigerians with immigration problems, stressing that those who have criminally violated the laws of the host country should be sent back to Nigeria.

Incidentally, the pedal on which His Excellency Dr. Jerry Sonny Ugokwe saddles to sign out emergency travel certificates to deport Nigerian from Austria is not fast enough for the honourable minister with the fear of denting diplomatic and bilateral agreements between the two countries. One should be objective and fair enough to ask if the reverse were the case for Austrians. Would the head of the Austrian Ambassador be offered on a tray for the Austrian President to cut?

The ominous June 2009 letter from the Austrian Government to Nigeria used by the honourable Nigeria's Minister for external Affairs is an embodiment of suspicious political vendetta. This is primarily geared towards soiling the unprecedented progress and acceptability of Amb. (Dr). Jerry Sonny Ugokwe by the Nigerian Community in Austria.

The arrival of His Excellencvy Ambassador Olumoko and Assistant Comptroller General Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja Mrs. O.Davies -Jones in Vienna has enhanced further the deportation of Nigerians from Vienna, thus executing the Presidential decision on the subject matter.

We view the present happening in the tenure of our Ambassador, Dr. Jerry Sonny Ugokwe not only unfair and inhuman also unusual and unethical. Nigerians in Austria are waiting attentively and patiently for the final decision of the President, Alhaji Umaru Ya'ardua, on this core issue of our humble interest.

Once more, we are all waiting for the actualisation of citizenship diplomacy in Austria.
Immidiate past National Präsident National Association of Nigerian Community in Austria (NANCA) 

---- by Mr. Dominic Aghaizu (Msc. Pharm). 

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